I didn’t want to make my bed… So I ran errands, buzzed my hair, and then made my bed.

Procrastination became shockingly effective.

And you, sir, are effectively shocking 😏

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I did it. I watched all 5 seasons of Queer as Folk. Now where’s my permanent gay card

You have only completed one of the Seven Series you must complete in order to become a full-fledged homosexual.

I can only guess the other 6…

Will And Grace, Golden Girls, Designing Women, Glee, Dynasty, and Queer As Folk, with Oz and Are You Being Served? as substitutes.

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Stunningly beautiful Bator lost in Bator Bliss. An EXPERT EDGER…. and forever repost! I’d frigin LOVE to have this full video.

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Andrew Christian

Had to repost, it was SO HOT!

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Sean Morales. Drag Race pit crew, has been in porn…

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Oh holy god, my family circa, like, 1987?! That’s me on the right.


I still have no clue who child #3 is

Ah, the joys of Motherhood lol

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Again, Wilford Brimley shows us advanced stages of diabetes.

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Dayum, Will Wheaton got HUGE!!!!

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Aaron Hill is a disabled boy in Okeechobee who was lured out of his home by a girl claiming to want to go on a date. Once to the location she chose, he was ambushed by Andrew Wheeler and a gang of at least 8 other people. Andrew beat him senseless, held a knife to his throat, And told him he was going to shoot and kill him. This was filmed the whole time, but currently this is the only video I can get a hold of. The video was on Andrew’s facebook and he went around bragging about his crime. He was arrested, but only charged with minor assault and no charges or arrests are being made on the others involved. Some of the others involved have family in the Okeechobee police department and also DCF. One of the parents even destroyed evidence to protect their guilty little brat. So now the Okeechobee Police Department are trying to bury this story because some of the kids have ties to the department. We’re asking everyone to spread this around that we want justice for Aaron, that if anyone has a copy of the video please take it to the media. We need all media outlets to know this is a cover up and we will not accept it. Please download and spread this video. We’re using the hashtag JusticeForAaron.

PLEASE, if you have it, PLEASE make a copy and take it to all media, ALL MEDIA, not just Okeechobee I’m talking surrounding counties. This is extremely important. Aaron and his mother are getting death threats and they deserve justice. We need more people! Okeechobee is a little town run by the Good Ole Boys. Ferguson is allowing them to think this is okay. News channel 25 contact them at or 5616942525! We need this to blow up to make this stop. In the wake of Michael Brown and the others that have been hurt by police, we cannot let them bury this like a bunch of crime lords. Their job is to protect us, not protect the guilty from justice. And by the way there’s been ANOTHER unarmed black man killed by police. He was shot in the back and he was complying with police orders. He was also mentally handicapped. This. Needs. To. Stop.

Please, signal boost the HELL out of this. #JusticeForAaron


fucking heartless

I wonder why this not on the news

wow… as a guy with a physical disability this kills me.  If you for once trip or bang your knee or anything you are literally unable to fend for yourself and down for the count… what this kid went thru makes me sick.  I am sending tons of love for this kid.

Fucked up!

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